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Year 4 - Davenies Superstars report

Last week a group of ten children from Year 4 attended the Davenies Superstars festival in Beaconsfield. We were terribly excited to leave school early and get there for the start of the sports activities at 3pm.

The first activity was a jump, run and twist around a small course. This was quite easy and helped to warm us up. Then we used our ball skills to throw a ball to hit another out of cricket stumps. This was really good fun. For our third activity we went back to the 70s! We bounced around on spacehoppers and tried to get to the other side of a course without falling off. This was more difficult than we thought but an awful lot of fun.

A penalty shoot-out was our fourth activity, where for each goal we scored a point. Then we threw beanbags over a volleyball net in order to get as many catches in a row – the highest score overall was 13, but our team’s highest was 7. Again, it was more difficult than it looked!

Finally, we played basketball, scoring a point for each successful basket. Then we played a game called Cat and Mouse, where two teams chased each around a circuit. The first team to catch the other won.

We enjoyed the competition with other schools, and by the end we had collected enough points to be fourth out of eight schools.

To cap a great day, we were treated to pizza, donuts and juice – not a bad day out for the year 4s!

Riley - Acer and Joe - Palm.

Junior Gardens Harvested - 11th October 2019

We have now picked the last of the produce from our vegetable beds.


Later this month the EcoWarriors will finish tidying the vegetable plots.

Football match - CSG v Our Lady's School - Thursday 10th October

Our starting line up was Euan in Goal, Striker and Jake in defence, Jack, Adrian and Hugo in midfield and Joseph and Rauf up front. We took the kick off and started well after testing the keeper with a few shots. A few minutes later they had an attack which got cleared out very quickly by Striker. Then we had an attack with Jack, Joseph, Rauf and Adrian, a cross from the right and the keep caught it. Shortly after Adrian was hit in the face and Oscar came on for Adrian. This half ended with Hugo off at half time. Chalfont 0 - 0 Our Lady's.

Our Lady's kicked off with CSG pressing hard and we won the ball and we had a shot but the keeper caught it. They they had an attack but Jake dealt with it fast. Soon after we had an attack with Jake passing it to Joseph, then Joseph passing it to Oscar who had a shot, and the keeper just saved it. Soon Our Lady's played a through ball to number 7 then they scored, though Euan almost saved it. The match ended shortly after. Despite our efforts it was Chalfont 0 - 1 Our Lady's.

Thank you Mr O'Sullivan for being referee and manager for this match.

Joseph and Jack

Year 5 Capture the Flag PE Festival - October 2019

On Tuesday 8th October Year 5 went to a Capture the Flag Festival at Chalfont Community College where we were split up into team colours according to our house groups: Cook was purple, Milton was mint, Palliser was orange and Penn was white.

First up was Penn against Our Lady’s RC school. When the whistle went Oscar attempted to go for the flag but he got caught. Someone from Our Lady’s tried to get our flag but Lola swiftly caught him at the last second. Before we knew the whistle went and the match was over 0-0. At the of the competition, Penn had come first!

Later Cook was playing the fifth match. It started off very slow, but then Jake made a run for their flag. Luckily, he managed to get into their base. Soon after, Ryder got in, too. There were four guards so they boys waited there. One of the guards briefly looked away so Jake ran with the flag: 1-0. Soon after, Jake and Ryder got in again but this time Jack got in as well. Jake ran to the side of the base making space for Ryder to catch it out of his hands and run. 2-0

Milton got off to a pretty bad start, losing and drawing their first two games. But they were very unlucky. On their last game, Joseph was taken out by one of the opposition players and he went off injured. There was quite a dispute about that! In the end they drew their game.

Similarly, Palliser did very well in their group coming third, winning two of their four games.

All in all, at the end of the day we were all exhausted from running around so much but it was nonetheless a great day!

Ruby and Jake

Year 3 - Walk like an Egyptian

Last Tuesday we had SO much fun during our Egyptian Day! Everyone arrived in spectacular costumes...


We were ready to learn about our topic. We started by learning about the geography of Ancient Egypt, then learnt to dance like an Egyptian...

We then measured each other in Royal Cubitts(an ancient Egyptian measurement,) Roman was surprised to discover he was taller than Robert. After that, we did a quiz.

Following lunch, we watched Steve, from Portals to the Past, perform mummification on a "volunteer", crowned a Pharaoh, saw him murdered, held a funeral procession and crowned a new Pharaoh, what a busy day!

On Friday, we went to Amersham school to participate in a "Capture the Flag" PE festival against other local schools. It started to rain as we left Chalfont St. Giles so we all crossed our fingers that the rain would stop. We were split into three teams and each team played 10 games, it was great fun. 

 Luckily, the rain held off, we won many games and each received a certificate. It had been a perfect end to our week.

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